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Sandstone Pavers & Tiles

Sandstone Pavers & Tiles

sandstone pavers


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of many layers of sand binded together over thousands of years. It is generally held together by minerals found in the earth caught between the layers of sand. Its layers allow the stone to be split into pieces to give pavers and tiles a natural textured finish. Sandstone comes in a range of colour and blends depending on where it was formed and in what environmental conditions.

Suitability in the Landscape:

Due to its vast range of colouring and blends, sandstone is a great feature stone for all applications. Both the natural Split and Honed finishes are highly slip resistant even when wet which make sandstone a great option for pool surrounds and patio areas. Sandstone pavers are dense enough and strong enough to use on driveways however its lighter colouring and its natural layered formation may increase maintenance in the future especially cleaning marks and dirt from vehicles.


The subtle swirl markings in sandstone are called 'ghosting' marks. This is what gives Sandstone wonderful variation in colour and appearance. You can also sometimes find fossil markings from ancient ferns and plants that were trapped between sand layers during the natural sandstone layering process.

Sealing , Cleaning and Maintenance:

We recommend that all sandstone pavers be sealed with a penetrating natural sealer. Penetrating sealers work great on sandstone as the stone is porous and the sealer can reach the inner parts of the stone. It is highly recommended that sandstone is sealed around pools to prevent pool chemicals or salt damaging the product. Once installed cleaning is as simple as using a high pressure cleaner and scrubbing any stubborn stains with a stiff scrubbing brush and warm soapy water. It is best to remove any major stains immediately especially those that may cause long term damage like oils, paints, chemicals etc. Under no circumstance should you use Hydrochloric Acid to clean or remove stains from sandstone pavers.


All sandstone should be laid on a concrete base using mortar as the bedding material.