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We are currently holding too much stock of EARTH Natural Split Sandstone and are discounting it heavily to move it out.  We are also currently experienceing good exchange rates on our aussie dollar so its a good time now to start placing orders and getting the best price possible whilst our dollar is strong.  Remember PIONEER PAVERS only stock high quality natural stone so just make sure that when your shopping around that you compare exact product and price to give yourself the best chance of purchasing what your after.

TIP:- When shopping around dont be fooled by cheaper prices on smaller sized stock.  This just means that you will be charged more to install it so the price eventually evens itself out anyway.  Also remember that our more expensive stone doesnt necessarily mean a higher quality product.  More often than not its the same quality as the cheaper varieties it simply just costs more to get into the country.

BELOW:- Picture of EARTH NATURAL SPLIT SANDSTONE around a pool.  It is currently being sold at a discount rate of $38 per m2 inc GST. Price does not include delivery.  Click the link to see stock sizes of the Earth Natural Split